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Woofer tester 2
Woofer Tester Pro & Speaker Tester


The ST and WTPro use the same software. Different features are enabled by the license file and extra hardware. The ST and WTPro software will not run on the WT2. WT2 software will appear to run on a ST/WTPro, but the input switch network will not be controlled.

What are the additional Woofer Tester Pro Features?
  • The WTPro High Power Test Port is enabled
  • A high power current sense and calibration resistor
  • Additional software features
  • The HiZP port measures the V-I of an external user supplied amplifier


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  Legal Notice: Our software is copyrighted. It is a violation of copyright law and the license agreement to use this software on any hardware platform other than an authentic Smith & Larson or licensed from Smith & Larson product. These products include the WT2, Speaker Tester, Woofer Tester Pro and TENMA Speaker Measurement Interface. We will vigorously enforce our intellectual property rights.  

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