2/12/11 The much anticipated Release 5.0 is now available. Click here for a list of new features
Get the V5 software here.

9/1/08 Version 4.0 is released

4/28/08 Woofer Tester 2 featured in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine Test Report of Clarion MultiFit Speaker Set.  
4/18/08 Keith Larson will be hosting a seminar on Loudspeaker Measurement at the Lone Star Audio Fest
in Dallas, TX on May 3rd. Presentation available for download.
3/1/08 Smith & Larson Audio will be showcasing the high-power test capabilities of the Woofer Tester Pro at the 2X/3X dB Drag event in Niagara Falls, NY on March 8-9.
1/15/08 Introducing the new 10-12" drivers from Credence with patented Inner Lead System (ILS) technology. This new technology solves a number of problems:
  • Voice coil lead wires are now protected
  • Eliminates lead slap (lead wires too long)
  • Eliminates lead tears (lead wires too short)
The new ribbed surrounds improve the driver's' ability to withstand extreme back pressure and the clear dustcap allows you to see cone and lead wires in motion.
1/8/08 The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is well under way and our booth has been busy! Click here for more information and updates.  
12/13/07 A new Woofer Tester 2 Software Release v3.03 is now available for download. This release includes a lot of new features, some of which include:
  • Real-time Impedance Measurement
  • Enhanced Thiele Small Simulator Features
  • Improved capacitor measurement range (down to 100pF)
  • Zobel calculator
  • New Online Help System and User Guide
  Australian Coinweights sent in by one of our customers have been added to the FAQ. Thanks Greg!  
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