Feature Woofer Tester 2 Speaker Tester Woofer Tester Pro  
  Precision Thiele-Small Measurement  
  VAS Test with Phase Plug Area Calculation  
  Thiele-Small Simulator  
  Automatic Box Analysis  
  RLC Meter  
  Low Power Impedance Measurement  
  Low Power AC/DC Compression Testing  
  Sine, Impulse, MLS, Noise & Chirp Test Signals  
  32 Dual Data Buffers for Testing & Overlays  
  Sweep and Real-Time Run, Stop and RunN Control  
  Modify Help Menu  
  Capacitor ESR and Dissipation Factor  
  Inductor Q  
  Capture Graphics To Clipboard  
  Interactive Crossover Design™    
  ICD RLC Fast Edit    
  ICD Wizard™ 1st order    
  ICD Wizard™ 2,3,4 and XVR      
  Polar Plotting      
  Pre-Ring Auto Adjust      
  RTA Signal Shaping and Filtering      
  A,B,C,D, ITU-R468 VU in FFT analyzer      
  Cms Break-In Table      
  Rescan RemXem Curve Fitting      
  Real-time Acoustic Analysis (RTA)    
  Room Decay Measurement    
  Swept Sine In-Air Acoustic Response    
  THD/IM/SINAD Distortion Measurement    
  Cumulative Spectral Decay & Waterfall Plots    
  FFT Display    
  SnapTS™ Real-Time Thiele-Small Testing    
  Microphone Compensation for Signal & Reference    
  Impulse Time Gating    
  High Power Thiele-Small Measurement      
  High Power Impedance      
  High Power AC/DC Compression Testing      
  Speaker Linearity Testing      
  DC Bias Testing      
  High Power Box Compression      
  Calibration Option for Measurements at Cable Ends  
  Air-Core Inductor, Zobel & Tank Calculators  
  Popup Data Labels in Graphs  
  Customizable Legends  
  Mobile, USB powered  
  Note: Low power is up to 3mA drive        
           High power is up to 40V, 5A, 200 watt amplifiers      

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