Woofer Tester 2

Installation Issues

Using the WT2

Capacitor Measurement Mode

Measuring Inductors, Resistors &

Measuring Cables

Speaker Tester

Measuring Driver Distance

Impulse Response & Room Reflections

Interactive Crossover Design Example

ICD Circuit File Syntax & Commands


General Topics




Q and Fs Test Button Operation

Vas Test Button Operation

Box Test Button Operation

Constant Current, Faux Constant
  Current, Constant Voltage Drive

  Delta Mass and Compliance Tests

The Easy Nickel Delta Mass Vas Test

Testing Dual Voice Coil Drivers

Testing Multiple Driver Configurations

  How to Test a Driver, Build & Align a Box

Vented Box Tuning
  (Helmholtz Resonators)

Bunjiggy - A Simple Test Jig

United States, Euro & Australian Coin

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